Tatanka Sun - negative ions

Tatanka Sun products are specialized

on the support of the nervous system and its processes
This flow of information is based on the exchange of positive and negative ions, which is what makes a nervous system that functions properly and normally
Our nervous system is the foundation of the whole organism.
It is responsible for movements and organs.
No one feels the nervous system directly.
We only feel the consequences with symptoms such as muscle, joint pain and tissue weakness, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, delayed healing with injuries, immune deficiency, burnout - and one of the most common symptoms such as headache, tiredness, difficulty concentrating. These malfunctions can eventually lead to illness.
Tatanka Sun products from pa-so are developed exclusively for the support of the central and vegetative nervous system: for communication and processes at different levels in the body.
Be really aware that the only body you have is dependent on the capacity of the processes in the nervous system.

Wakanda tea, made by Tatanka Sun, 29