silver generator Ionic-Pulser ®

silver generator Ionic-Pulser ®

silver generator Ionic-Pulser ®

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Ionic-Pulser® PRO

Product no.: KO 8031

Ionic-Pulser ® PRO - the newest model of Medionic

The successor to the famous Ionic-Pulser ® Standard S Plus.
The new silver generator also builds on the proven completely positive characteristics of the Ionic-Pulser ® Standard S.
The difference: Although almost identical with the Ionic-Pulser ® Standard S, its performance is higher by 25%.
This much higher performance allows for reduced manufacturing time for colloidal silver by 25%.


162.79 *

Original silver electrodes for Ionic-Pulser ®

Product no.: KO 8041


  • 1 pair of original silver electrodes for all Ionic-Pulser ®
  • Fine Silver content: 99.99% min, medically pure, as evidenced by an appropriate test certificate
  • Additionally hardened by a special rolling process
  • Per electrode dimensions: 2.70 x 82 mm, about 4.9 g




36.07 *

Gold electrodes for Ionic-Pulser ®

Product no.: KO 8042

This gold electrodes are a special design, wherein the proportion of gold is formed as a tube. The lower material related of course affects the price, so we can keep the current price at the time with these gold electrodes - despite steadily rising gold prices.

The gold electrodes are suitable for preparing colloidal gold, especially with the devices of Ionic Pulser ® series.
For other devices, please note the adapter diameter of 2.7 mm.

The production times for colloidal gold soft dramatically from those of the colloidal silver. This fact affects not only the Ionic-Pulser, but basically all devices with which colloidal gold to. It is a characteristic of the gold that considerably less material is discharged into the solution.
In order to obtain the same concentration as colloidal silver, which is several hundred times as long as necessary.
However, these concentrations are not required for colloidal gold. These are more in the homeopathic field and are entirely sufficient, since the effect of the colloidal gold is a different principle than that of colloidal silver.

As a rough guide, one can assume: 200ml/10-12 hours results in a concentration of <1 ppm - or rather, the concentration is about the homeopathic potency 6X

Dimensions Gold á: 55 mm x 1.5 mm, approximately 0.98 g
Silver Dimensions adapter á: 20 mm x 2.7 mm, about 1.2 g

Fine gold content: 99.99%
Fine silver content (adapter): 99.99%

Delivery: 1 pair, with cast fine silver adapter, factory certificate

Please note any price changes because we have to adjust the electrodes to the ever changing price of gold!

277.82 *
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