Suncatcher Flower of Life

Suncatcher Flower of Life

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Flower of Life of metal with art glass, handmade in chakra colors, charged with energy., Ø 30 cm
This energetically charged Flower of Life is a kind of energy shower that unfolds by replacing or relocating to bed or desk effect. If the life circle balls are in a harmoniously ordered state, this has a positive effect on our lives and well-being. Embark on a journey into a tight network of vibration, information and energy in the background of our world.
A brilliant colors for your living area.
Hydrates your energy and strength for your everyday life.
Organize your life circles!
The flower as a holy symbol
The drawing of the Flower of Life is originally from sacred geometry, ie the geometry of the universe. In it, the beginning, the structure and the information channels in all of reality are described. As a symbol of life they appeared in Egyptian temples as well as on in German churches and has always been known as a symbol of health and a harmoniously ordered state. The color of each other separated circles represent symbolically the smallest atom to the sun.

The Principle of Creation
For every area of life of the people (family, work, friends, ¿) has its own habitat ball. Many habitat balls joined together, like here in this life Flower, create a balance between the partial aspects of our existence and thus contribute to greater harmony in everyday life. Various systems are reconciled, so that ultimately leads to a principle that permeates the whole of creation.

The three levels of human existence
Within this flower of life, three circles indicate the colors are separated from each other and for the three levels of the people are: body, soul and spirit. If the life circle balls are in a state of harmony, this has a positive impact on our lives. The colorful flower of life can be placed in the bedroom or in the office, but also be placed on the body, so that the natural state can be established in your area again. Harmonize with this handmade flower of life especially your troubled areas of life and recharge your batteries!

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